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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Star Wars: Childhood to Adulthood

Star Wars: Childhood to Adulthood

When I was a child I lucky enough to grow up in the age of Star Wars. By that I mean I was born in 1972 and was just coming into the stage of my life where I still have memories from. I can remember running through the yard with an X-wing in my hand and reliving the first movie. I still have vague memories of going to the theater to see it.

I had numerous action figure from back then. I crashed more than one X-wing in my younger years. I mean crashed beyond repair. For the life of me back then I could not figure out why when I threw them in the air they did not fly around on their own. The joys of a child’s mind.

I was eleven when Return of the Jedi came out. I never thought about it being the end of a trilogy or anything. I liked the movie and I loved the toys. I enjoyed the kid side of it all.

When Phantom Menace came out I was a single father with two kids. They were still in diapers so taking them to see Star Wars was out of the question. I wanted to enjoy the experience, not tend to kids at the theater. I can remember the room being completely full and no one wanted to lose their seats so no one went to buy concessions. The staff started coming in before the movie and took orders and ran back and forth to the concession stand to get stuff for people until the movie began.

We all knew it was the start of a new trilogy and it would be the last trilogy. This time around I did not get the toys to play with them. I got collector editions of the VHS tapes with clips of the film inside.

I watched the Prequels and I enjoyed them. Not as much as the originals but I did enjoy them. By the time they were over I was starting my kids on Star Wars. They had a few toys and had seen the movies on VHS or on Thanksgiving on USA network.

Then it happened. I don’t remember the day but I do remember it was 2012. The internet has taken over communication and I get most of my news from various websites. I sit down to check my e-mail and drink a cup of coffee. I pull up a news site and there it is. Disney bought Lucasfilm and says new Star Wars movies are coming. I thought to myself, “Disney owns Marvel and they are letting them make good movies, they can do the same for Lucasfilm”.

I was there on opening night for The Force Awakens. My daughter watched it twice back to back. Once in 3D and then in 2D. The next night I was back with my wife. I watched the move 3 times in 24 hours. I was looking forward to what came next.

Since then I have seen Rogue One. It was an excellent movie. I am looking forward to The Last Jedi. The troublesome part is that there seems to be issues behind the scenes. They changed directors on the Han Solo film and now they have changed directors on Episode IX. I am a fanboy, an outsider to the inner working of the business. It just worries me as a fan that we are beginning to see the cracks that could bring down a great story telling universe.

I am not sure what they can do to fix the path they are own, but I hope the galactic turmoil stays on the screen and not in the production offices at Lucasfilm.

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