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Monday, August 21, 2017

Stages of Life

We have all heard about life stages, but what does that mean to us?

For me it means that life is adjusting to new norms. One year ago, I was getting up and taking my youngest child to school each morning. In the afternoon, I would go and wait on her to get out and read while waiting. I had done that for so long that it felt comfortable and I knew what my day would be like. Now I am lost again.

Today I’m trying to get myself into a writing routine. I need to routine. When I was younger I was good with taking each day however it came at me. As I got older I slowly became more comfortable with knowing what was coming next. My youngest is now in college. I don’t have to get up and drive her to school anymore. I don’t leave at two in the afternoon and sit in the car and read. A portion of my day that I was so adjusted to is no longer there. My routine is trying to find a new pattern.

One of my issues is that my mind wonders. Keeping a single train of thought is a foreign concept to me. If I do not have three or more internal conversations going on in my mind at once, something is wrong. I’m always thinking about what ifs. Some of them are so far-fetched that it isn’t even funny. Some are where my stories come from.

I need to work my blog into my weekly routine. I need to write at least three times a week and post. That is what I am telling myself anyway. I have yet to achieve that. Maybe this time will be the time I manage to succeed. If not, I will keep trying.

It’s a new stage of life, and I am adjusting.

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