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Monday, August 28, 2017

Our future is up

I will start out by saying that I am a dreamer and a space junkie. I’m interested in anything that moves us closer to living in space. I enjoy watching SpaceX reach new goals due to that interest. Not just with rocket launches, but with all the aspects that surround them. There are other companies coming along as well. Right now, SpaceX is the one out front. They are not a government, they are private, and that is the only way we are going to live somewhere other than this planet.

If you look at everything with a broad view you can see the pieces. Their electric car technology will go a long way when it comes to vehicles on Mars for example. We will want to build settlements apart from one another. The new sled technology they are working on for transporting passengers will go a long way to filling that need for rapid transit. Until Musk decides that isn’t fast enough and he figures out how to transport people in Star Trek style. Even solar power is being worked on under Musk.

The ground work is all there if you look at it. These aspects all surround SpaceX and connect in various ways. You can look at his empire as the launching pad for leaving here. Everything they are doing can translate to living somewhere else. Will it happen in my lifetime? Maybe. Will I get to enjoy living off world? That will remain a dream for me. I will be too old to get the chance when the time comes. I also don’t have millions of dollars, so catching a ride around the moon will not be in my future either.

I do take joy in knowing that there are people, serious people, working on expanding us past this planet. Someone needs to. When it was no longer a race with Russia, the United States just quit thinking about space it seems. If it doesn’t involve something that can circle our little rock and look down on it, they don’t seem to be interested.

Our future is up. Our future is away from this planet. For our kind to continue existing, we will need to have the ability to live somewhere else.

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