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Monday, June 19, 2017

Why did we stop?

Why did we stop?

December of 1972. It was less than a year after I was born. If you state that month and year to most people they won’t know why it it significant. To those that look at the stars and dream of us living in them, they will know what it means. It was the last time we set foot on the moon.

Eugene Cernan said the following as he climbed the ladder to leave.

Bob, this is Gene, and I'm on the surface; and, as I take man's last step from the surface, back home for some time to come – but we believe not too long into the future – I'd like to just (say) what I believe history will record: that America's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of tomorrow. And, as we leave the Moon at Taurus–Littrow, we leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind. Godspeed the crew of Apollo 17.”

So, why did we stop?

There are many views out there. They range from political to commercial. Some say it cost too much. Others say it didn’t get good enough ratings.

But what if we had kept going. Where would we be in the fields of space travel and science?

I firmly believe that had we kept going that technology would have continued to accelerate. We had a drive then. Had that drive been allowed to continue, we could be miles ahead of where we are now. Finally, private companies are realizing the benefits of space travel. They are now the driving force behind it. Governments have priced themselves out of it. They allow budgets and costs to rise to ridiculously high numbers that could easily be controlled. Just look at what the US pays the old guard to launch a rocket, then compare it to what SpaceX charges them. How can there be such a difference in price to do the same dang thing?

By now we should have had planes that could take off from an airport and continue on up and into space. Instead we are still relying on a rocket with way more chances for something to go wrong. If we had continued going to the moon, I believe we would have advanced farther than we currently have.

Space travel is dangerous, but so was exploring new lands here on earth. We never stopped doing that, so why did we stop exploring out there?

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