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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Switch to Consoles

At one point in my life I was part of what many gamers refer to as the pc master race. I was all about pc gaming and nothing else. I did not care that parts to my system would become outdated and that one by one I would replace ever component inside the case about every 3 years.

Then my kids started getting older and they started taking up more of my money. You thought I was gonna say they took up more time didn’t you? Yes babies cost a lot, but teenagers cost more.

So my gaming pc continued to become more and more outdated until I got to a point where I said forget it. I say I got a ps4, but truth is I won it. I am not sure if I would have bit the bullet and bought one or not. My daughter and oldest son each had one by then. They did however buy them with their own money. I won one and started enjoying gaming again.

Yes the console will become outdated just as the pc did, but it will be different. I will not be a piece at a time. I will just buy a new console for the same price a good video card alone would cost me.

At my age, I am no longer driven to have all the top end parts for my gaming system. I just want to enjoy my gaming time.

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