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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Are you ready?

The engines on the old freighter go silent. You have been listening to them for months while you attempted to pass the time in on the long flight from your home world. The food they served was at times salty, but you consumed it still. You did what you had to, to make it through. Soon you will be the one commanding the vessel you are on. You got word that they were looking for pilots. So here you are. You want to be the best. You are still undecided what you want to master first, but you want to be the best of them all in the end. Only time will tell how it turns out for you.

For now, you only have a few moments to wait. It will seem like days, but the wait will be worth it. When you turn on the lights and grasp the controls, you will know that it is all in your hands. Into the black, that is what you have heard. Since you were young you have heard tells of pilots discovering brand new worlds out in the black. Places no one has been before. You can do that too. You can collect the bounties on the law breakers. You can make sure worlds do not go hungry by running supplies. You can be a key to learning new secrets in the galaxy.

You are almost ready. It is almost time. Are you ready to dive into the black?

Are you ready to become, Elite?

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