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Monday, November 14, 2016


The last few months life has been up and down for me. There are many private things that have happened that I will not post about in public. Through all of that I have discovered that when my mind get cluttered I have a hard time writing. So then I don't write and before i realize it I have gone two weeks without even opening up Word to even think about writing. Then whether I realize it or not I get into a depressed state. I did not even realize until this morning that it has been three months since I posted here.

All of that needs to change and I am the only one that can change it. I am starting back small. A goal of two hours of working on writing a day. If I get more awesome, but at least two hours each weekday. I am in a much better emotional place when I write. I need to get back there again. I also need to blog about whats on my mind. I like to run my mouth. This way I can just put it out there and maybe someone will read it, or maybe not.

So, I'm back. Now I just need to stay back.

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