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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trying to keep up

There are so many things on my plate at the moment that i feel like there is no way to keep up. The issue is that most of those things are not things I want to keep up with. My main goal for this year is to get back into my writing. It was the victim to numerous uncontrollable family issues that arose during the second half of 2015. While some of those issues are still ongoing with no hard date for resolution, I need to find a way to fit my interest back into everyday life.

I want to get my writing back on track. There are a few story ideas in my head I want to hash out. I have a project with my daughter that I would like to get moving forward. Find time to blog more. All things that have suffered due to stress and anxiety that resulted from dealing with other people issues. The major goal is to not be other peoples security blankets this year.

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