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Monday, November 2, 2015

Spoilers? Good or Bad?

Spoilers? Good or Bad?

Do you have a movie or television show that you really look forward to watching? Do you avoid spoilers at all possible cost? If so what makes you want to avoid them?

For me I tend to avoid them in TV shows more than in movies. Take for example two of the many TV shows I am currently watching, The Flash and Arrow. There are a few things I can’t avoid since I watch all my shows the following day. I never watch anything other than sports when it actually airs. So during my morning run through social media and entertainment news, I do see headlines. Sometimes I will avoid the “Did **** die in last night’s episode” headlines and not click on the link. Sometimes however, I can’t help it. For me spoilers do not ruin the show for me.

Now movies can be a bit different. Depending on the movie my interest in spoilers varies a large amount. Marvel movies I read up on a little. Most others I just wait until I get to the theater. That is unless it is a Star Wars movie. When we cross into the Galaxy far far away, I go a little insane.

For the upcoming The Force Awakens, I have read every spoiler there is. I have seen the spoiler board that pretty much lays out the entire movie and labels the percentage of each spoiler contained within it. You may ask if that ruins it for me. The answer is a simple and resounding NO. I could read the actual script to this movie and probably be more excited for it. I have heard who is rumored to die and all that and it doesn’t deter me. I can’t wait to see it unfold on the big screen. There is a part of me that wants to see how many of the spoilers are true and how many are way off. I even have my own thoughts to how certain things will play out. They have done a good job of not showing us much in the trailers. Not to mention how they have placed things out of order on purpose in the trailer to throw us off.

For me spoilers are not the end of the word. If the visual story telling is good then spoilers can’t ruin it for me. How about you?

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