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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movies, TV and Reading

Do you balance movies, tv and reading out in your life? Do you set aside a set amount of time each week for reading? These questions cover my post today.

As an aspiring writer I make sure to set aside time for reading. My current reading time is in the afternoon when I am waiting at school to pick up my daughter. I normally arrive about 30 minutes before school lets out to get a decent parking space so she does not have to walk too far. I always have my kindle with me when I go. That give me 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I consider that working training time. I read to understand my own writing better. I also make sure to bring my kindle with me to any appointments I have to go to for the same reason. I keep a selection of books that I “want” to get around to reading.

Now with all of that being said, there are also books that fall under the “need” to read rule. Those are ones that I will sit and read for a few hours a day until it finished. Right now the ones that fall under that section are any new Star Wars books. Yes I am a Star Wars fanboy and I read almost everything that is released with only a few exceptions. Those being the books aimed and the under 12 crowd.

So my reading is mixture of learning and entertainment. I love stories of all types. That is why I love TV as well. I have read interviews with a number of writers that say they don’t watch TV for numerous reasons. I on the other hand watch some every night. Some could say I watch too much. With the DVR I can watch an hour show in under 45 minutes. 3 shows in a little over the time two would have taken not too long ago. It is also time that allows my wife and I to relax and just do nothing for a bit that day.

Now my writing process is different than most people. I try to set aside 3 to 4 hours during the day when the kids are gone to write. My house is just too dang loud once they are home to get into the zone. So for me it is like a work schedule. It is the only way I can enjoy it currently.

Movies come in third on my list. I only go to the theater a hand full of times a year. Basically because we have 3 kids and they all want to go and of course they want me to pay. I go to the movies to laugh and watch stuff blow up. That means action type movies for the most part. The romance and drama movies will get watched once they come out on video. About 4 visits a year is all I make to the theater. Now once all the kids are out of the house it will be more often.

So, how do you balance things?

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