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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Any week more writing

So we are in a new week. Yes I know it is Tuesday and not Monday but I have a lot going on yesterday. I need to get major work done on this script this week. I want to submit it by the end of March. Hell I wanted to do it by the end of Feb, but yeah we see how that turned out.

I am still on the fence on rewriting my dragon book, well the one that is completed, and resubmit it to agents again. If I do resubmit it will be to s select few agents and not the masses like last time. I know indie publishing is gaining ground. I just wish I was better at the self promoting aspect of it. That will be something I need to decide this month.

Once I finish this script I will put it through the Amazon process. They have a certain number of days to read through it and see if it would be something they would be interested in. If they say no, I will look at other avenues to submit it to smaller studios.

Lastly I need to get on track to change my eating habits this year. I am past 40 and need to eat better and lose some damn weight. Till next time.

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