Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Morning - Racing Time

So it is once again another Monday morning. For me this means attempting to get some writing or editing done. For anyone that had read my blog, you know I have issues blogging on a regular basis. This is something I want to correct in a serious way. Normally I felt compelled to post about writing related items, but no more. I will blog about what ever is on my mind. Today that is auto racing.

Now I have always been an auto racing fan. I participated in IRacing for a while, but due to budget reasons that had to stop. At one time in my life I was an extreme Nascar fan. I watched everything I could that had to do with the sport. Anymore I catch a few races here and there while keeping an eye on the results of races. I still have my favorite drivers in the series and I watch the races I enjoy, but to many of them have become follow the leader events.

The same can be said ab out F1 but I enjoy it so much more. I think it is the combination of them not being on an oval track and the shorter races that allow me to enjoy them more. There are more ways for the driver to screw things up. Yes the start of an F1 race can not be beat. Do I look for a crash at the start? Hell yeah i do, every one does. When they make all make it past turn one I am happy as well because you have usually seen some amazing driving for that to happen. Last year was kind of a bore. I would watch the beginning of the race and then change the channel 15 to 20 laps into the event. Why? Because by then the same team had a 15 second lead and were only racing between themselves most of the time. That got a real boring, real fast. I think the engine change had the most to do with that. Some teams took to the new engines better then others. With engine development frozen during the year last year, it make the season over before it got started.

However it is a new season and in two races we have had two different engine wins so at the moment we have a possibility of a battle this year.

Well enough blogging for today. Maybe tomorrow I will have something else worth talking about.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crazy Month

This month has been filled with crazy. Every day has seemed like something else I had to deal with. I have 3 kids on different schedules with school and them working. I just hope they save up for cars soon. I have the script I have been working on in a good place. I want to step away from it for a few weeks and then jump back into it with fresh eyes and see what changes I want to make and flush it out before submitting it.

Today I actually have time to swap back over to my dragon book and do another editing pass on it. I want to self publish it in a few weeks. We will see if life lets me accomplish that or not. Until then, keep reading.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Any week more writing

So we are in a new week. Yes I know it is Tuesday and not Monday but I have a lot going on yesterday. I need to get major work done on this script this week. I want to submit it by the end of March. Hell I wanted to do it by the end of Feb, but yeah we see how that turned out.

I am still on the fence on rewriting my dragon book, well the one that is completed, and resubmit it to agents again. If I do resubmit it will be to s select few agents and not the masses like last time. I know indie publishing is gaining ground. I just wish I was better at the self promoting aspect of it. That will be something I need to decide this month.

Once I finish this script I will put it through the Amazon process. They have a certain number of days to read through it and see if it would be something they would be interested in. If they say no, I will look at other avenues to submit it to smaller studios.

Lastly I need to get on track to change my eating habits this year. I am past 40 and need to eat better and lose some damn weight. Till next time.