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Thursday, February 19, 2015

So yeah, it's been a month

So its been a while since I wrote last. Every time I have a plan to be more active in certain aspects of my social media circles, something happens. Today is the first time in almost 10 days that I have sat down and wrote at my laptop. Between doing taxes and used car shopping and kids being out of school the last few days due to weather, I have got nothing done it feels like.

I am currently working on a script. I have always felt I am stronger at dialogue than I am at describing the world around my characters. So for the next few weeks I am working on this script them I will return to working on my first Dragonbourne book. I plan to go back through that book rather intensely and rework a lot of it. After that process is done I may once again submit it to agents or I may just outright self publish it.

Until then I will attempt to put more on my blog. I think it will be more than just what is going on with my writing. I will strive to put alot more of my interest up on here as well. Until then, enjoy.

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