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Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday morning 1-12

This is the start of my Monday morning posts. Each Monday I will post something that is just a ramble of things in my mind. I will still post during the week but that will mostly be book related.

So yesterday was a football day for me. American football for those that prefer soccer. I was surprised by the Colts but I was happy to see them win. Only three more pro games before the season is over. No I do not count the Pro Bowl as a game. There is also the College Championship game tonight. Once football is over there will not be a sport that I focus a ton on until F1 starts up in March. I keep up with Nascar but not the way I did in the past. I will get a chance to catch up on movies that I haven't watched.

You see my weekends are normally just that. I take time off of writing and do something else. That tends to be TV with my wife but I enjoy that. Unless I am in the middle of actual writing, not outline or editing, I do little to nothing on the weekends. When I am actually writing I just lost in the writing, thats the fun part of right.

So now I am off to start my week. I hope you all have a good next sevens days as well.

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