Monday, November 23, 2015

What is normal?

A normal life. What is that exactly? It varies from person to person. My life has been far from normal for a few months now. It is slowly getting back to it, but still has a way to go. My writing has suffered the most. I have not gotten anything at all written in the last two weeks and with this being thanksgiving week I can pretty much write it off as well.

I need to get back into a routine of going to the gym and writing each day. I seem to have too much running around to do anymore. So much that on days when I don’t I can’t find a rhythm to get any book related work done. Our lives were thrown for a loop back in August and are finally slowly moving in the right direction.

With any luck next week, I can get three to four hours each day to do nothing but write. I desperately need to get back into a routine.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spoilers? Good or Bad?

Spoilers? Good or Bad?

Do you have a movie or television show that you really look forward to watching? Do you avoid spoilers at all possible cost? If so what makes you want to avoid them?

For me I tend to avoid them in TV shows more than in movies. Take for example two of the many TV shows I am currently watching, The Flash and Arrow. There are a few things I can’t avoid since I watch all my shows the following day. I never watch anything other than sports when it actually airs. So during my morning run through social media and entertainment news, I do see headlines. Sometimes I will avoid the “Did **** die in last night’s episode” headlines and not click on the link. Sometimes however, I can’t help it. For me spoilers do not ruin the show for me.

Now movies can be a bit different. Depending on the movie my interest in spoilers varies a large amount. Marvel movies I read up on a little. Most others I just wait until I get to the theater. That is unless it is a Star Wars movie. When we cross into the Galaxy far far away, I go a little insane.

For the upcoming The Force Awakens, I have read every spoiler there is. I have seen the spoiler board that pretty much lays out the entire movie and labels the percentage of each spoiler contained within it. You may ask if that ruins it for me. The answer is a simple and resounding NO. I could read the actual script to this movie and probably be more excited for it. I have heard who is rumored to die and all that and it doesn’t deter me. I can’t wait to see it unfold on the big screen. There is a part of me that wants to see how many of the spoilers are true and how many are way off. I even have my own thoughts to how certain things will play out. They have done a good job of not showing us much in the trailers. Not to mention how they have placed things out of order on purpose in the trailer to throw us off.

For me spoilers are not the end of the word. If the visual story telling is good then spoilers can’t ruin it for me. How about you?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Get over yourself

Get over it and grow up.

We all have problems and yours are not more important than someone else’s just because you think it is. No one has a perfect life. Not a damn soul. There is always something just a little off about it. 

What makes our lives good is what we do with it and how we cope with the challenges that are put before us.

Getting out of our responsibilities and putting them off on someone else is not an answer.

Today I’m just a little perturbed at people. There are those types that think they need to be the center of attention. They will of course say that is not the case. However, their actions paint a much different picture. You do not need to be placed on a pedestal and looked upon with wonder every damn day of your life. That is how you act. The world must be about you. Lord help it if it happens to be about others someday. Like your own offspring.

There is a point in your life where you will go through a phase of living and doing what is needed to be done for your children. You will have time for yourself again one day, but for a time it will be about them. That is when we find out who a person really is. Will they do what is needed for their kids, or will they not. Not matter if you opened your legs or pulled it out of your pants you are a parent. You need to do what is right. Don’t dish it off on others to take care of. Don’t stick your family with what you should be doing your damn self.

Grown-up: Not childish or immature

That is just one of many definitions of the term grown-up. If you can’t be a Grown-up then keep your legs closed or keep it on your pants.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movies, TV and Reading

Do you balance movies, tv and reading out in your life? Do you set aside a set amount of time each week for reading? These questions cover my post today.

As an aspiring writer I make sure to set aside time for reading. My current reading time is in the afternoon when I am waiting at school to pick up my daughter. I normally arrive about 30 minutes before school lets out to get a decent parking space so she does not have to walk too far. I always have my kindle with me when I go. That give me 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I consider that working training time. I read to understand my own writing better. I also make sure to bring my kindle with me to any appointments I have to go to for the same reason. I keep a selection of books that I “want” to get around to reading.

Now with all of that being said, there are also books that fall under the “need” to read rule. Those are ones that I will sit and read for a few hours a day until it finished. Right now the ones that fall under that section are any new Star Wars books. Yes I am a Star Wars fanboy and I read almost everything that is released with only a few exceptions. Those being the books aimed and the under 12 crowd.

So my reading is mixture of learning and entertainment. I love stories of all types. That is why I love TV as well. I have read interviews with a number of writers that say they don’t watch TV for numerous reasons. I on the other hand watch some every night. Some could say I watch too much. With the DVR I can watch an hour show in under 45 minutes. 3 shows in a little over the time two would have taken not too long ago. It is also time that allows my wife and I to relax and just do nothing for a bit that day.

Now my writing process is different than most people. I try to set aside 3 to 4 hours during the day when the kids are gone to write. My house is just too dang loud once they are home to get into the zone. So for me it is like a work schedule. It is the only way I can enjoy it currently.

Movies come in third on my list. I only go to the theater a hand full of times a year. Basically because we have 3 kids and they all want to go and of course they want me to pay. I go to the movies to laugh and watch stuff blow up. That means action type movies for the most part. The romance and drama movies will get watched once they come out on video. About 4 visits a year is all I make to the theater. Now once all the kids are out of the house it will be more often.

So, how do you balance things?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How much time do you need?

So how much time is enough time to actually sit down and get some decent writing done?

This is a question that will have more correct answers than anyone ever thought. For this post however, I will only look at myself.

So how much time is good for me. Yes, I have had those days where I have sat at my laptop and clicked away on the keys for six or more hours at a time. I have also had those days that I sit there and stare at the screen for an hour without doing a dang thing. Those days we won’t count. I am an aspiring novelist with a household full of people. I am also the stay at home father so I spend a fair portion of my time running kids around to school related functions and any and all appointments the kids need to get to. It is rare that I have week where there is not at least two of the three weekdays that I don’t have something I have to do for them. Weekends are almost out of the question for my writing since there are five kids in the house. Add to that it is football season and yeah, not going to get any done on the weekends.

So where is my goldilocks zone? I believe it is somewhere around 3 hours. If I have at least a 3 hours block with nothing else going on I can get myself into a good writing rhythm. Under 2 hours and I consistently feel like I need to be wrapping it up soon. Therefore, preventing me from getting into the “zone”. I can’t force myself to write. It’s just not something I can do. If I don’t feel it, then it just won’t happen. It took me a while to learn that one. If I pass the 4 hour mark when writing, my mind begins to wonder off. Either other story ideas or something about the kids. So for me I would have to say 3 hours. That is what I need to actually sit down and write. What about you?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It has been a while.

So I haven't posted on my blog in months. There are many reason for that. Life at the house has been crazy. There had been a major shift in the dynamic in the home. We added a coupe of family members that needed a place to live for a while. We are not sure how long they will be with us atm. They are still school age and have things going on that needs to be addressed so we are working through that.

Moving forward I want to focus on a topic that interest me at least a few times a week on this blog. I am still writing but it has slowed down tremendously with the shift in the household. Going forward I hope I return to having time to write on a daily basis.

So check back to tomorrow to see my thoughts on my first topic. How much writing time is a good amount.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Search for the Dragon Stone

Cormere is a land full of magic. Long ago it was populated with man and machines. Mother nature had been pushed aside in the search for the next big thing to make man's life easier. Eventually mother nature took a stand and brought back the dragons that everyone thought were nothing more than myths.

The dragons wipe the lands clean, leaving on small pockets of people behind. The world was reborn. The dragons went back to sleep.

Now they must return once more.

Search for the Dragon Stone is the first step in the Dragons returning.

Check it out on Kindle or in Paperback at

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Search for the Dragon Stone Cover Art

I am working to finish up the formatting for my next book. Here is a look at the cover.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Going to the movies

Going to the movies is something I enjoy and dread anymore. I love watching films on the big screen in a room full of people. To hear the surprise and laughter from everyone. I have grown to dislike the price.

I have three children. So when the five of us go to a movie, it cost sixty dollars or more. With everyone's schedules and stuff it is hard to hit an early show. That is the reason anymore I limit myself to only a few movies a year. Mainly Marvel movies and this year Star Wars will be added to the mix. There will be another movie or two that pops up and we decide to go watch, but thats about it. I am starting to think I should turn movie night into date night with my wife and leave the kids at home.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Morning - Racing Time

So it is once again another Monday morning. For me this means attempting to get some writing or editing done. For anyone that had read my blog, you know I have issues blogging on a regular basis. This is something I want to correct in a serious way. Normally I felt compelled to post about writing related items, but no more. I will blog about what ever is on my mind. Today that is auto racing.

Now I have always been an auto racing fan. I participated in IRacing for a while, but due to budget reasons that had to stop. At one time in my life I was an extreme Nascar fan. I watched everything I could that had to do with the sport. Anymore I catch a few races here and there while keeping an eye on the results of races. I still have my favorite drivers in the series and I watch the races I enjoy, but to many of them have become follow the leader events.

The same can be said ab out F1 but I enjoy it so much more. I think it is the combination of them not being on an oval track and the shorter races that allow me to enjoy them more. There are more ways for the driver to screw things up. Yes the start of an F1 race can not be beat. Do I look for a crash at the start? Hell yeah i do, every one does. When they make all make it past turn one I am happy as well because you have usually seen some amazing driving for that to happen. Last year was kind of a bore. I would watch the beginning of the race and then change the channel 15 to 20 laps into the event. Why? Because by then the same team had a 15 second lead and were only racing between themselves most of the time. That got a real boring, real fast. I think the engine change had the most to do with that. Some teams took to the new engines better then others. With engine development frozen during the year last year, it make the season over before it got started.

However it is a new season and in two races we have had two different engine wins so at the moment we have a possibility of a battle this year.

Well enough blogging for today. Maybe tomorrow I will have something else worth talking about.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crazy Month

This month has been filled with crazy. Every day has seemed like something else I had to deal with. I have 3 kids on different schedules with school and them working. I just hope they save up for cars soon. I have the script I have been working on in a good place. I want to step away from it for a few weeks and then jump back into it with fresh eyes and see what changes I want to make and flush it out before submitting it.

Today I actually have time to swap back over to my dragon book and do another editing pass on it. I want to self publish it in a few weeks. We will see if life lets me accomplish that or not. Until then, keep reading.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Any week more writing

So we are in a new week. Yes I know it is Tuesday and not Monday but I have a lot going on yesterday. I need to get major work done on this script this week. I want to submit it by the end of March. Hell I wanted to do it by the end of Feb, but yeah we see how that turned out.

I am still on the fence on rewriting my dragon book, well the one that is completed, and resubmit it to agents again. If I do resubmit it will be to s select few agents and not the masses like last time. I know indie publishing is gaining ground. I just wish I was better at the self promoting aspect of it. That will be something I need to decide this month.

Once I finish this script I will put it through the Amazon process. They have a certain number of days to read through it and see if it would be something they would be interested in. If they say no, I will look at other avenues to submit it to smaller studios.

Lastly I need to get on track to change my eating habits this year. I am past 40 and need to eat better and lose some damn weight. Till next time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What writing does for me

I will be the first to admit that I have not yet found my niche in the writing world. I have written and self published four books so far. I have two more waiting in the wings to finish up working on. I will admit that I have not sold many of them. I suck at promotion. I am not good at selling myself at all.

So, why do I write?

I write not to make money, although that would be a nice bonus. I write to express myself. I feel loaded with ideas and I want to get them out. I just never went to school to learn the best ways to express them. I never took college leveling writing classes. I know that some of my stuff is jumbled up and can be difficult to read at time, but I enjoy doing it.

Right now I am working on a script. I think I am better at telling a story in that way. Only thing is that you can not really self publish a script so I am going to submit it to Amazon and see what happens. I need to research into ways to submit scripts to studios. I think that is still an industry where you have to know someone if you want to do anything and trust me I do not know anyone in that industry at all.

So until next time, keep writing.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Star Wars Rebels: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Star Wars Again

This article is by Eldritch over on Observation Deck

Star Wars Rebels: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Star Wars Again
Here's a confession for you. When I was in middle school, I was THE BIGGEST Star Wars fan ever. I lived and breathed Star Wars. I watched the movies almost every weekend, I owned ever single book, I knew all the bizarre trivia. To my great shame I saw The Phantom Menace not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES in the theaters. I hand wrote a 400+ page fanfiction in the Star Wars universe on college ruled loose leaf paper with my best friend at the time. From 6th to 8th grade, all I did was Star Wars. Unfortunately, it made my life a complete living hell in school.
I moved around a fair amount as a child and I started 6th grade in a brand new place with brand new braces and a brand new terrible haircut. I was screwed. I was also the youngest in my grade, due to skipping half a grade before we moved. Once they got wind of what a giant nerd I was, I was a goner. It was blood in the water and middle school kids are great whites. I suffered some of the worst bullying of my life there so when we moved again, clear across the country, at the beginning of 9th grade I decided to completely do away with the number one thing that made me a target: Star Wars.
In the move, I got rid of everything. All the books, all the posters and toys and magazines. I completely purged myself of Star Wars. When asked by people in my new high school if I had ever seen Star Wars I lied and said no and that I wasn't really into science fiction that much. I shifted my interests to fantasy and horror, stuff like Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice and HP Lovecraft. I got really intensely into music. I dabbled in anime. In college I rediscovered science fiction with Firefly and Doctor Who, but I was 100% done with Star Wars. Just thinking about it was enough to make me sick with anxiety. My intense obsession turned into aversion very quickly. As late as this past Christmas I was completely unable to even discuss Star Wars without slightly freaking out. My mother discovered an old Princess Leia Christmas ornament as we decorated our tree and I laughed and quickly shoved it to the bottom of the ornament box and swiftly changed the subject. Anytime Star Wars came up, I felt this intense rush of EMBARRASSMENT and SHAME.
While the internet lost its collective shit with the trailer for the new movie, I was in a cold sweat and ignored most of the news about it. I watched the trailer like some people watch horror movies, tense and anxious. I knew for a fact there was no way I was going to go see it. Now I think I may have changed my mind a little. What happened? Star Wars Rebels happened.
I love cartoons. I love them to death. I'm also a little lazy. Lately, Disney XD has been showing my current favorite cartoon, Gravity Falls, with an episode or two of Star Wars Rebels in between. If a four hour block of Gravity Falls was interrupted by a half hour of Star Wars Rebels, I wasn't going to be bothered to change the channel. Often I muted it, or went and did laundry or something. Soon I forgot to mute it. I began to see the same episodes over and over again. I started to… kind of like it?
The animation is godawful. Seriously, Disney should be ashamed. But the characters are fascinating, the enemy is fun as hell, and it's funny. It doesn't FEEL like the Star Wars I remembered. It's more carefree, more about these personal stories instead of a huge galactic war. The Force doesn't feel hokey, it feels more like a fairly decent plot point. I began to enjoy myself. Star Wars Rebels is like Firefly with a Star Wars coating. Its rebels and misfits eking out an existence and trying to do what's right. Honestly, most of the time it doesn't even feel like Star Wars. It's nice. The only time I felt that sharp stab of embarrassment was when R2-D2 and C-3PO showed up because it instantly reminded me that it was Star Wars. Despite that, their episode was kind of adorable.
I doubt in the future I'm going to be a huge Star Wars nerd again. I'm not going to get into big internet arguments about the Disney universe vs the old expanded universe (personally, I think getting rid of all the old expanded stuff was probably a good thing). I may not even see the new Star Wars movie in theaters but I'll probably check it out at the Redbox. I may buy a Funko Pop Darth Vader. I might make more Star Wars jokes (mostly I like to joke about Hoth and tauntauns because it's February on the East Coast and the high tomorrow will be 12 degrees).
Honestly, I may never watch the original trilogy again. I never saw the other two prequels and I doubt I'll watch them even now. But I feel like I can move forward from a place where the mere mention of Star Wars made me cringe. I won't be nauseous with anxiety anymore and it's all thanks to a terribly animated little show I began to watch only because I was too lazy to change the channel.


So yeah, it's been a month

So its been a while since I wrote last. Every time I have a plan to be more active in certain aspects of my social media circles, something happens. Today is the first time in almost 10 days that I have sat down and wrote at my laptop. Between doing taxes and used car shopping and kids being out of school the last few days due to weather, I have got nothing done it feels like.

I am currently working on a script. I have always felt I am stronger at dialogue than I am at describing the world around my characters. So for the next few weeks I am working on this script them I will return to working on my first Dragonbourne book. I plan to go back through that book rather intensely and rework a lot of it. After that process is done I may once again submit it to agents or I may just outright self publish it.

Until then I will attempt to put more on my blog. I think it will be more than just what is going on with my writing. I will strive to put alot more of my interest up on here as well. Until then, enjoy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Look Ahead to Self-Publishing in 2015

Self-publishing saw another successful year in 2014, with authors like Deborah Bladon and Jen McLaughlin hitting the New York Times bestseller lists, fanfic authors like Sophie Jackson receiving six-figure advances, and many millions of titles being published across the industry’s numerous platforms. The view of self-publishing as an outlet of last resort for desperate authors is also changing—the negative stigma that’s long been associated with the industry is being discarded for a more progressive outlook, along with the acknowledgement that self-publishing and traditional publishing can coexist and even benefit one another. And self-publishing platforms are increasingly serving as a kind of testing ground for traditional publishers, which are snapping up successful indie authors and offering them, in some cases, million-dollar advances. Further, some traditionally published authors are becoming more open to exploring self-publishing as a supplement to or as a replacement for their traditional publishing careers.

A year ago, we predicted that the self-publishing industry would mature in 2014, with writers taking ownership of their role as both authors and business owners. As 2015 begins, we once again anticipate a year of growth, despite some concerns about market saturation. For this year’s preview, we talked to a number of industry insiders about the current state of self-publishing, the trends they’ve noticed over the past year, and the current challenges facing indie authors in an increasingly crowded market, along with some of their predictions for 2015.

Established self-publishing sites like Lulu also saw growth over the past year, according to the company’s v-p of marketing, Dan Dillon, as a result of new initiatives like Lulu Jr.—a brand enabling children to become published authors. In addition to Lulu Jr., the company announced a partnership with Crayola to develop a line of co-branded book-making kits for kids.As an example of continued industry growth, Ashleigh Gardner, head of content at Wattpad, noted that in 2014 the social publishing site gained millions of users who shared 15 million works of fan fiction alone—resulting in breakout publishing stars like Anna Todd, whose One Direction fanfic, After, got her a four-book deal with Gallery Books at Simon & Schuster.

Across all segments of self-publishing, there were signs of continued growth and innovation—from Crayola to fanfic to hybrid publishing to the rise of serialization, we break it all down for you here.

The Rise of the “Authorpreneur”
As more and more authors go it alone, they are increasingly treating their self-publishing ventures as businesses. This means realizing that their publishing efforts must be part of a broader business model that takes into account everything from branding to media outreach to editorial collaboration—which is an important development, according to Beat Barblan, director of identifier services at Bowker.

“There has been a realization over the last year, I would say, that, in order to be successful, self-publishers must see themselves as business owners and recognize that writing the content is only the first of many steps,” says Barblan. While he notes that “content is still king,” he points out that even good content will have trouble finding an audience if authors aren’t publishing professionally—paying attention to the services a traditional publisher offers like editing, marketing, e-book conversion, and cover design. “Authors have realized that when choosing to self-publish they are not eliminating the role of the publisher: rather, they choose to assume the publisher’s responsibilities.” This means that indie authors are doing more work than their traditionally published counterparts, but are perhaps more empowered as a result—taking ownership of their titles and working to expand their business.
Dillon at Lulu agrees. “It’s been very fulfilling to see the concept of the ‘authorpreneur’ take hold in 2014,” he says. As an example, Dillon points to the portion of Lulu authors who are utilizing the free tools offered by the site to communicate directly with their readers, which in turn builds loyalty and drives sales. “The one thing our authors did supremely well in 2014 is they got to know their readers, to understand who they are, and to deliver an ever increasing amount of high quality content to them,” something Dillon says is the hallmark of a maturing and thriving marketplace. “As 2015 gets under way, we expect to serve even greater numbers of authors who consider themselves the CEO of their book business.” He also notes that, as business owners, authors are working to develop customer loyalty in order to “keep their customers for life.”

The need for a long-term outlook by indie authors is echoed by Smashwords founder Mark Coker: “Now more than ever, indies must focus on their long-term game plan. Avoid the temptation of making short-term decisions that harm your long-term opportunities. Understand that as an indie author you are an essential participant in the publishing community.”

Many others in the industry also say that indie authors will need to pay increasing attention to professionalism. Barblan predicts that readers will increasingly expect self-published books to be indistinguishable from those that are traditionally published. “From the value of the content to the type of paper used to print physical books or the care taken in their conversion to e-books, books should be of equal quality regardless of how they get published,” says Barblan. “The reader wants good, well-presented content that is readily available at a reasonable cost.”

The Hybrid
As self-publishing has become more established, it appears to also have become a viable option for traditionally published authors, who have tended to shy away from it in the past. For instance, self-publishing allowed New York Times bestselling author Eileen Goudge to release Bones and Roses in 2014 after she failed to find a publisher for the novel. Smashword’s Coker predicts that we’ll see more traditionally published authors going this route—especially midlist authors, who tend to get less attention from their publishers than frontlist authors and may be looking for a change. In addition, the flexibility offered by hybrid publishing means that authors with out-of-print backlists can regain the rights and publish the titles themselves, perhaps opening up their work to a new generation.
“Clearly, [self-]publishing has not only matured, it has lost the stigma that stuck to it for years,” explains Sally Dedecker, an industry consultant and education director at BEA. “I hear from traditional authors who are exploring the [self-]publishing option, and looking for a game plan to shift to hybrid or leap right into [self-]publishing.” As an example, she notes that at uPublishU at BEA in 2014, a number of attendees were traditional authors who wanted to explore their options and investigate the benefits of various publishing platforms and learn more about rights and marketing.
Barblan agrees that 2015 will be a year of growth for hybrids. “I think we will see an increase in hybrid publishers, choosing to publish both ways: via traditional publishers as well as on their own depending on type of content and market,” he says. As authors learn more about their publishing options, whether via a panel at BEA or from networking with other writers and readers, and are able to choose exactly how to publish individual titles depending on their needs, it seems clear that hybrid publishing will continue to attract new fans in the coming year.

Serialization and Fan Fiction
Authors have also taken note of the opportunities offered by serialization. By releasing their work a chapter at a time, authors can keep readers hooked while incorporating feedback from their fans as they go—a format that’s been successful for a number of indie authors this year. This publishing model also allows for increased author revenue—publishing 30 chapters priced at 99¢ lets authors potentially enjoy 30 times the revenue compared to a single title at the same price point.

“Serialization is here to stay,” predicts Wattpad’s Gardner, pointing to the more than 14 million stories shared serially on the site in 2014. “With so many writers sharing stories chapter by chapter, reading is becoming episodic. The reality is people still love to read, but prefer to do it in short bursts, often on the go.” (In fact, authors are writing on the go as well—more than 20 billion words were published on Wattpad’s iOS and Android mobile platforms in 2014.) Gardner also notes that fan fiction continues to be the fastest growing category on Wattpad, covering everything from “celebrities to YouTubers to apps and classic novels.” Gardner says she expects to see “more real person fan fiction and stories about breaking news in the coming year.” Also, while genre fiction remains strong, she’s seeing a change in subject matter—“sexy cowboys” are giving way to sexy MMA fighters in the romance genre, and jinns are taking over from vampires as common protagonists in the fantasy realm.

Thoughts on Market Saturation
With an increasing number of indie titles being self-published every year, authors face the constant challenge of discoverability—getting their titles noticed in a sea of seemingly endless options. “There’s a glut of high-quality, low-cost books out there,” Coker says, adding that one reason for this is the “immortal” e-books from both indie and traditional authors that will never go out of print. More importantly, he notes, traditional publishers are beginning to heavily discount their e-books and offer some content for free in an attempt to capitalize on the success that many indie authors have seen with this strategy. This means even more good content is available at a very low (or nonexistent) price point.

Coker offers the statistics to back this point up, noting that a 2014 Smashwords survey found that free e-books at Apple’s iBooks store were downloaded 39 times more frequently than books that cost money—a figure that sounds encouraging until it’s compared with the survey from the year before, which saw free books downloaded 91 times more often. “So many authors are using free promotions and perma-free that free books face increased competition,” he says.

Nevertheless, Dillon is confident that there is still an appetite for new books, and that those books all have the potential to find an audience. “The magic of the book business is that for every book, there are n number of customers,” he notes. “Readers are perpetually buying new content, and no one book addresses their every need or desire.” Dillon also says that, unlike practical items like washing machines, snowblowers, or tablets, readers can always use another book. Diane Mancher, founder of One Potata Productions and cofounder of the Self-Publishing Book Expo agrees, pointing out that she doesn’t believe there can ever be too much content available. “That to me would be like suggesting there is too much music to listen to or too much art to appreciate.”

“I think that the publishing industry has always been faced with too many books, so little time to read,” adds Dedecker. “That said, authors who embrace best practices in publishing, have a solid focused plan to engage readers, and are testing new opportunities to reach new audiences can put themselves in the driver’s seat.”

Challenges for 2015
While noting the increasing challenge of discoverability, our industry experts are mostly in agreement that 2015 will continue to be an exciting year for self-publishing.
“Best practices for book publishing, working to better understand issues around discovery—including metadata—and experimenting with new ways to monetize their content should be high on the ‘to do’ list,” advises Dedecker. Dillon predicts the continued resiliency of the print format across various segments of the market, while also noting that reader data will become an important focus for brands, authors, and marketers in the coming year. Mancher believes that 2015 will continue to see traditional publishers “mine indie authors to find the next big thing.” Coker predicts a drop in author revenue from e-books sold in Europe as the result of an increased value-added tax (VAT) that took effect January 1, something he says will make e-books “less competitive to print books and other nonbook options for leisure, entertainment, and knowledge.”

Finally, there’s the view that self-publishing can continue to act as a corrective to the traditional publishing industry, which is often seen as lacking in diversity and minority voices. “There’s been a lot of talk about the need for diversity in books lately,” notes Gardner. “On Wattpad, we see a true range of storytelling. You can find stories you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else that cover emerging or underrepresented genres like urban fiction, fan fiction, and LGBT stories.” Gardner says she’s hoping that 2015 offers more recognition for authors and books that represent “different cultures, experiences, and viewpoints.”


Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday morning 1-12

This is the start of my Monday morning posts. Each Monday I will post something that is just a ramble of things in my mind. I will still post during the week but that will mostly be book related.

So yesterday was a football day for me. American football for those that prefer soccer. I was surprised by the Colts but I was happy to see them win. Only three more pro games before the season is over. No I do not count the Pro Bowl as a game. There is also the College Championship game tonight. Once football is over there will not be a sport that I focus a ton on until F1 starts up in March. I keep up with Nascar but not the way I did in the past. I will get a chance to catch up on movies that I haven't watched.

You see my weekends are normally just that. I take time off of writing and do something else. That tends to be TV with my wife but I enjoy that. Unless I am in the middle of actual writing, not outline or editing, I do little to nothing on the weekends. When I am actually writing I just lost in the writing, thats the fun part of right.

So now I am off to start my week. I hope you all have a good next sevens days as well.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Eyes Open is now on Amazon

It has been a while in the making. I have written two books since the second Green Eyes book was released. One of them has been self pubbed and the other is sitting on my computer at this moment waiting to get published. Today the ending of Madison's rise to power is released. I hope you enjoy the journey that it has taken me on. I have learned a lot writing these books. Some stuff was about who I am and what type of writer I am going on. Some was just stuff better forgotten. I plan to have a busy year with writing here in 2015. Aside from "Eyes Open", I plan to release at least two more books. The first will be "Search for the Dragon Stone". It will be out near the end of Feb. For now I hope you enjoy the final chapter to the beginning of my dream of writing.

Kindle :

Paperback :

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eyes Open

The third and final Green Eye book is finished. It has been formatted and all that is left is some work on the back cover and the spine to submit it to CreateSpace. Once I have that finished, hopefully later today, I can get on with the part I love and fear. Trying to get people to buy my writing. It is the one area I hope to expand on this year and get better at.

The problem is that I am the type that keeps to himself. I have never been comfortable with putting myself out there in front of others. I am still learning out to make the most out of social media and to use it the best I can. One of my issues is that i have no budget to spend on this stuff. I know my writing is not a masterpiece by any means, but I do hope that one day I can semi support my family on it.

I don't write to get rich. If I did that I would be doomed. I enjoy most of it. I will admit the formatting and publishing and promoting parts are not my favorites, but they are an evil that can not be avoided. So I prepare myself for the coming weeks when I do my best to promote the hell out of myself.