Tuesday, December 30, 2014


My 2015 outlook is something that has been in the forefront of my mind for the last few weeks. One of the things I have been going back and forth on is the push to find an agent and publish traditionally or stay with the indie route and learn to self-promote myself better. Promotion has been something I have struggled with in the past. I am not good at selling myself.

I have decided that since there is one last group looking at my Dragon book that I would give them until the end of Jan ’15 to say yes or no on it and if their answer is no then I will push forward on learning to be a better promoter of my work and attempting to release 3 books during the calendar year of 2015. The first will be the final Green Eye which I am currently formatting. The next two will be the first two book in my Dragon series. There is also another project on the horizon. That is one that I am working on with my daughter. I am working on the outline and she will be the one doing the writing. I think it will be fun and a great experience with her.

Staying focused on writing is something else that needs to move into the forefront of my mind. While 2014 has been trying in ways that I dare not go into details here. I need to keep my dream alive. My dream is not to be a household name, but to make a manageable living from my writing. I think with the right promotion, I could succeed in that.

So 2015, I am ready for you. I hope you are better to me than 2014 was.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The New Year is almost here

Just around the corner the new year can be found. For me it means a new start on attempting to learn how to promote myself so i can make it as a self published author. By make it I do not mean a million dollar writer. I just want to be able to pay the bills and have a little left over. Only time will tell if that comes true or not. I also need to open up on working with others to help them format ebooks for publishing. I wanted to start that some time ago but never got around to it.

Outside of my writing I have a good number of things going on within the family unit. One child will be in college while another is deciding if he is going to be attending one or not. I have my views and I express them, but in the end I want my children to be who they want to be. They are not to be copies of me but to be their over unique individuals.

So until next time. Enjoy getting ready for the new year.

Monday, December 15, 2014

That time of year

The holidays are here and with it we have unequaled amounts of stress building up. If you have kids you will be working on getting them what they want, and what you can afford. If you have family in ill health then you will be worried about them. It seems the holidays also brings out the stress in one form or another. I have never had a holiday season since I became an adult that did not involve some sort of stress. This year is no different. My family and I have had an up and down fall. My writing had been pushed to the back burner and I was doing anything I could not to stress out about everything that was going on. Even though the next couple of weeks will have all the kids on crazy schedules, I am attempting to finish up my latest, and last, Green Eye book so I can publish it soon.

The coming year will find me working on a way to promote myself and attempt to get my name out there among the indie writers that are working today. With any luck 2015 will be my year. I have one publisher I am waiting to hear from on my Dragon book before i bite the bullet and publish it myself. I think it would be easier to promote myself than to stress over what agents think of my work.

To each of you I hope you have a great new year.

Done moving

Ok I am done moving my site around to different providers. I will be posting here on what i hope is a regular basis. Hell you knows at this point. Now I just need to find a template that I am happy with.

Pardon the DUST

Working on getting a website system that i can keep up with. Life has been crazy for the last couple of months and my writing time has suffered. I hope things are calming down.